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CARB toroidal roller bearings are a new type of radial roller bearings. This compact self-aligning roller bearing was developed by SKF and was launched in 1995. The unique design of the bearing combines the self-aligning capability of a spherical roller bearing with the unrestricted axial displacement of a cylindrical roller bearing. It can also have a small cross-sectional area, which is usually the case with needle bearings.

CARB toroidal roller bearing features:
Compact design
The unique internal geometry of the CARB bearing ensures a uniform axial displacement of the load between the roller and the raceway
The axial displacement in the CARB bearing is approximately ±10% of the bearing width
The load between the roller and the raceway is always evenly distributed to achieve optimal operating condition alignment error
CARB bearings allow shaft eccentricity/alignment errors of no more than 0.50

Does not reduce life or increase friction
Average load distribution

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